Shipping & Installation of Transformers

Transportation Management & Installation

Accurate, on-time and damage-free delivery of your transformers is our goal, and the SPX Waukesha Quality, Manufacturing and Engineered Shipping teams work together to achieve that objective. Whether a unit is manufactured in Goldsboro, North Carolina or Waukesha, Wisconsin, our trained Engineered Shipping staff stands ready to meet specific transportation requirements.

Our rail transportation experience includes ordering, reserving and coordinating the proper rail car for a specific transformer's weight and size. SPX Waukesha is also an active member of RICA (Railway Industrial Clearance Association) of North America. This membership brings the added knowledge base of every class one and short line railroad in the business and provides the Waukesha team with the latest information on rail shipping standards within the industry.

Transportation of a TransformerOur shipping team also maintains close relationships with specialized motor carriers to quickly transport specific transformers via the appropriate local roads, bridges and interstate highways. This includes coordination of State permitting as well as working closely with escorts and statewide Clearance Boards.

From the day your transformer is loaded until it arrives, the SPX Waukesha team provides a daily tracing of events. All rail shipments receive two digital impact recorders that record the entire transit history of a unit, and these recorders are also available for truck shipments upon request at an additional charge. Point-to-point shipment monitoring by SPX Waukesha helps secure the best possible routes and consistent on-time performance. SPX Waukesha can also coordinate your delivery to coincide with on-site pad readiness and construction requirements, as well as all procedures up to and including the actual transformer installation.

SPX Waukesha can ship FOB job site, FOB nearest rail siding or FOB pad. Additionally, our Service team can assemble, test and/or commission the transformer— either job-to-job or turnkey:

  • Transformer InstallationField assemble all parts removed for shipment.
  • Lower the oil level if necessary to install bushings or other parts (if the unit was shipped oil-filled); SPX Waukesha oil tankers can be brought to the site for oil storage or handling.
  • Vacuum degassify using one of our many oil processing rigs to get new oil ready for installation, pull vacuum on the transformer and complete the vacuum oil-filling process using customer specifications or ours.
  • Complete a thorough battery of tests to verify the unit is ready for service
    • Power Factor
    • Core and Winding Resistance
    • Transformer Turns Ratio
    • Winding Excitation
    • Current Transformer Ratio, Polarity and Saturation
    • Operational Check of Controls and Alarms
    • Gauge Calibration
    • Doble® Tests
    • Sweep Frequency Response Analysis
    • FRAMIT
    • Oil Sampling and Testing
    • Leakage Reactance

Waukesha® Service focuses on maintaining performance quality, reliability and life of all transformers and load tap changers — whether manufactured by SPX Transformer Solutions or other suppliers. Visit the SERVICE section of our website to learn more about our Service team and their capabilities.


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