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Replacement Transformer Parts and Components

SPX Waukesha is a Leading Manufacturer of OEM Replacement Transformer Components and Parts

We maintain an extensive inventory of a wide variety of complete parts kits and raw materials such as arc-resistant contact tips, phenolic insulating products and oil breaker grid plate materials to ensure just-in-time deliveries from our Dallas, Texas facility while constantly building on our record of superior customer service. In addition, SPX Waukesha offers a variety of other parts and services:

Components for Transformers & Electrical Substations

With our experienced workforce, wide range of machinery, integrated manufacturing systems and Continuous Improvement philosophy, we strive to lead the industry with the shortest lead times and highest quality products. In addition to parts kits, we manufacture a line of Transformer Health Products® designed to increase transformer reliability and life while lowering the cost of maintenance.

Reverse engineering and modeling process

Reverse-Engineering and Component Re-Design

The reverse engineering process includes a 3-D precision assessment of component geometry, complete disassembly and modeling of the component in Pro-E and thorough analysis of materials used by the original equipment manufacturer. Other related services provided include redesign and material upgrades to current technology for enhanced performance.

Load Tap Changer Expertise

Utilizing the latest contact design theory, SPX Waukesha can successfully redesign contacts for a variety of reasons: increasing current rating, extending service life, facilitating installation and alignment. Our nationally recognized ELR® Series contact design increases the maximum current rating of contacts, eliminating heating and coking (carbon build-up). Additionally, we perform LTC failure analysis reporting, LTC maintenance training and complete LTC conversions and overhauls.

Our customer base is always looking for opportunities to improve product reliability and reduce maintenance costs. Our position as a service partner with the same goals and objectives gives us an opportunity to grow and continually expand the areas where we can offer new substation product and service solutions, matching our capabilities with our customer's needs to achieve higher levels of value-added processes.



Condensation Management System (CMS85)

An energy-saving alternative to traditional, sealed enclosure condensate management systems.

OF2 Oil Filtration System

Compact design includes unique high efficiency filter design with tilt-out easy filter change system.



SPX Waukesha's constant demand for quality and process-driven results helped make us an industry leader. As a recognized specialist for the equipment we manufacture and support, we hold certifications in:

ISO Certified 9001:2008

Received in October 2008

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